Bold Journal #08 Gender

Bold Journal is a South Korean Lifestyle Magazine for fathers living in this era, and is a premium media brand that captures the significant value of life in a modern tone.

Issue 08 Gender

The magazine for fathers who live creatively by keeping the balance of work and family

Under the slogan 'Life Lessons for Modern Fathers', we will explore together all the things we need to think about the problems of our present-day fathers and live a better life. 

Bold Journal aims to provide a guide for 30-40 generations who are leading our country, and also to discover topics that conscious society members can sympathise with, explore various types of life, and live a happy and balanced life. 

An era in which perceptions of gender, sexual role, and gender equality change drastically. There are 'dads' these days that are the positive subjects of change. They are free from stereotypes and absurd conventions forced by old patriarchs, and they bring happiness to the family rather than 'manly and womanly'. In this issue of Bold Journal, we have a hot topic called 'Dad's Gender Sensibility' which is not covered in any media.

Text in Korean and English.