Bag-again® Original Breadbag L BREAD

Avoid plastic waste, use a bread bag!  

Using a plastic bag for your bread is really not necessary and that's why there is an alternative. You may have seen them in the stores: cotton, reusable bread bags.

The Bag-Again bread bags are made of organic cotton (GOTS-certified). So, there are no pesticides in the cotton plus they are made under fair labour conditions! You can use the bread bag in the freezer and wash them every so often at a low temperature.

Bag-again® original breadbag L BREAD. The iconic cotton bread bag from Bag-again. Zero waste isn't hard. Just a matter of doing it.
  • Size: 31×47 cm, suitable for floor bread, bushels of bread and rolls. A nice spacious size.
  • And of course made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified).
  • The printing is also GOTS certified, so environmentally friendly.
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