An Opinionated Guide to London Delis

Who cares about delis when you can order organic olives online? And what exactly is a deli, anyway? From family-run independents in Little Italy to locally-sourced newcomers mixing cocktails with a side of charcuterie, this pithy guidebook will explain why delis deliver more (to your stomach and soul) than any supermarket can and take you on a gastronomic tour of the most beautiful, authentic and exciting delis across the city. Whether you’re north, south, east or west, you’re never far from a counter serving up the best lunch of your life.

Sonya Barber (author of An Opinionated Guide to East London and An Opinionated Guide: Escape London) is back with an insider's guide to the finest foods in London.

This book is carbon neutral. This is the first edition.

'An Opinionated Guide to London Delis'. Text by Sonya Barber. 176pp, paperback, 112 x 162mm. Contains 55 places, an introduction and a map.